Modding your Xbox Original

If you’re one of the lucky few that still has an Original Xbox (and you want it modded), you’ve came to the right place. Modding an Xbox will require a few things, and you may need to purchase some items before starting the modding process.

What you’ll need
  • USB 2.0 Drive (Needs to be between 512MB – 2GB)
  • Computer
  • Rocky5’s Xbox Softmodding Tool (Press Download All and wait for the .zip file)
  • Xplorer 360
  • Female USB-to-Original Xbox adapter (You’ll need to buy this)
  • Physical copy of the original Splinter Cell (The 2002 release)
Usage and Installation
  1. Plug the USB-to-Xbox adaptor into the Xbox, then turn on your Xbox and select Memory (Top of the screen)
  2. Plug the USB drive into the other side of the adaptor, then confirm the error message to format the USB
    • The USB should now show up as a “Controller”
  3. Remove the USB from the Xbox, then plug it into your PC (Do Not Format the drive)
  4. Download and Extract Rocky5’s Xbox Softmodding Tool
    • Inside the extracted folder, extract Xbox Softmodding Tool .zip into a seperate folder
    • Inside Softmod Package, Extract SC-PAL or SC-NTSC (Depending on your game region)
    • Extract Softmod Save .zip
      • The data should be in a folder called UDATA
Xplorer 360 to USB installer
  1. Right click the Xplorer 360 exe, click Properties > Compatibility, check the Compatibility Box and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
  2. Select the Drive tab, Open > Harddrive or Memcard
    • Ensure you press Partition 0 on the left
  3. Open the UDATA folder, and drag the contents into Xplorer 360
    • The folder inside UDATA should be a folder named with numbers
  4. Unplug the USB from your computer, and plug it into the Xbox via USB-to-Xbox adaptor
    • Eject any disc’s before turning on Xbox
  5. On your Xbox, select Memory. Select your USB (Should be named “Controller”)
  6. Select the Splinter Cell save file and select copy to hard drive
    • Select Xbox Softmodding Tool and select copy to hard drive
  7. Load the Splinter Cell Disc on your Xbox, then select Start Game
  8. Select the profile “Linux“, then press checkpoints to enter the installer.
  9. Press A to start the process, then wait for process to complete
  10. Read the Important Info, and select I Understand
  11. When Xbox restarts, remove the Splinter Cell disc when the Xbox flubber animation starts.
Change Xbox Skin
  1. Select System > Skins, then select your preferred skin
    • If your unsure or don’t have a preference, select Default
Backup EEPROM (Highly recommended, but not required)

Your EEPROM backup has already been created, but stored on the Xbox. We can retrieve this through FTP

  1. On the bottom left of the Xbox, make a note of the IP address
  2. On your PC, download WinSCP, and open the program
  3. Select the following in WinSCP
    • File Protocol: FTP
    • Host Name: [Your IP address from the Xbox]
      • Port: 21
    • Username and Password:xbox(lowercase)
  4. Once you have connected, select the E folder > Backups
    • Drag the EEPROM folder onto your computer
Extras Disc (Recommended, but not required)
  1. Open the Extras Disc folder from the previous Rocky5’s Xbox Softmodding Tool folder.
  2. Insert DVD into your computer (DVD-R recommended)
  3. Right click on the Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc image file, then press Burn Disc Image
  4. Select your DVD drive and press Burn
    • After completion, you can insert the disc into the Xbox to access the Extras Disc

Congrats! You’ve successfully modded your Original Xbox. Your modded Xbox can now use emulators, upgrade your hard drive, download and install Xbox original games, play media files etc.