Welcome to Hack Media!

So… Hey! This is my website. I’ll be posting the latest news on the console hacking scene such as homebrew applications, new releases of CFW, newly released jailbreak method etc. It will include hacking tutorials for multiple systems from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. In the future, I plan to create a webpage where you can download games/ROMs for your jailbroken console, but that will depend on how well this website does. I might even consider making tutorials for retro consoles like the NES or GameBoy.

This website still has a long way from being fully complete, but I’ll work on it whenever I can. Feel free to comment or contact me directly if you have any website issues, requests or questions about Hack Media. You can contact me directly through the Contact Us page, or on my Reddit and Twitter


Hey, I'm Kodi, the admin of Hack Media! I update this website frequently and willing to answer any questions/requests about this site. You can contact me directly, though I can't promise I can respond to everything. ^•ﻌ•^

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