This exploit allows your PSP to run unsigned homebrew applications, download and install PSP games, run emulators, overclocking etc. It’s recommended to update to the latest firmware 6.61 before you start the guide.

What you’ll need
  • A working PSP console (Update to the latest firmware, 6.61)
  • PSP data transfer cable, or a way to connect the memory stick to your PC
  • PSP CFW PRO-C2 6.61
Usage and Instructions
  1. Download the PSP CFW for 6.61. (Ensure you update to 6.61 before continuing)
  2. Connect your PSP to your PC using an USB cable (or connect your memory stick to PC)
  3. Extract the contents of the newly downloaded PSP CFW onto the root of the PSP (or memory stick)
    • If it asks you to merge files, press yes
  4. Disconnect your PSP from your PC, then look for Pro UpdatePro Fast Recovery and Pro CIPL Flasher in the “Game” section
  5. Launch Pro Update, wait for a black screen with tiny white text on it, then press X.
    • Your PSP will now be running CFW. (You can check your PSP firmware in system software settings)
    • This method isn’t permanent. Every time you start up your PSP, you will need to run Pro Fast Recovery to return to the custom firmware state.
Making the CFW permanent
  1. Run the Pro Fast Recovery app if your not in the custom firmware state already
  2. Run Pro CIPL Flasher, and wait for the process to complete.
    • You can now reboot your PSP and check your PSP firmware in system software settings

Congrats! You’ve successfully jailbroken your PSP system. If you make your CFW permanent and wish to remove it, simply download the package again and re-run CIPL Flasher. You should now have the option to remove the permanent CFW, and of course, you could re-run the app to install again