PS4 Exploit – FW 9.00

This exploit is similar to the previous exploits, but this requires a formatted USB drive. The pOOBs4 was created by ChendoChap. If you wanted to update to 9.00 from a lower firmware, follow this guide.

What you’ll need
  • PS4 with internet connection
  • USB Drive (Keep the USB exclusively for the PS4 jailbreak)

Firstly, go to the PS4 Settings > System > Automatic Downloads and disable all options.

Usage and Instructions
  1. Download this software.
    • This will be used to format your USB with a special .IMG file
  2. Download this .IMG file, then plug your USB into your PC
  3. Open the Win32 Disk Manager, locate the “exfathax.img” file, then set the Device to your USB Device Letter
  4. Select Write, and wait for the process to complete.
    • After the process is complete, your USB will be ready
  5. Turn on your PS4, and enter this link into the PS4s browser.
    • You can also use the DNS method from the previous exploits to run the exploit
  6. Select PS4 (9.00), then select GoldHEN
  7. When you see a message asking to insert USB, go ahead and plug the USB into the PS4
    • Do not press OK until you get the notification “This USB Storage Device file system is unsupported”
  8. Once you get the notification, press OK. This will boot into GoldHEN
  9. To confirm the payload launched successfully, Go to the PS4 Settings, then look for ★GoldHEN★ at the top of the page.
    • You should also see ★Debug Settings at the bottom of the page

Congrats! You have successfully jailbroken your PS4. You can backup and install PS4 games, run emulators, game mods, unlock better performance, run Linux etc. You will need to repeat Step 5 each time you restart your PS4, because the jailbreak isn’t permanent. You can also bookmark the website on the PS4 browser to run the exploit.