Jailbreaking your PS3 – nonCFW Guide

This jailbreak method is for those PS3 models that can’t run CFW (PS3 Super Slim, and some Slim models).

What you’ll need
Install HFW 4.88
  1. Download HFW 4.88 if you haven’t already
  2. Format your USB drive to FAT32, then then place the “PS3” folder inside the HFW 4.88 .zip folder onto your formatted USB Drive
  3. Turn on your PS3 system and plug your USB drive on PS3 second port (which is close to blu-ray drive)
  4. Go to Settings > System software update, then Choose update via Storage Media.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the modified firmware
  5. Remove your USB after installation.
nonCFW Guide
  1. Place the “PS3HEN.bin” file on your USB Drive from your Computer
  2. Plug your USB into your PS3, then type this address on the PS3 browser http://ps3xploit.com/hen/rewrite/
    • HEN package will be downloaded and installed automatically
  3. Reboot your PlayStation 3 console manually, then simply launch from the new “Enable HEN” XMB Icon, Under the Game Column

Congrats! You have now installed PS3HEN on your PS3. You will have less features than the CFW method, but you can still play downloaded games, run homebrew applications etc. Since this guide doesn’t install CFW, it won’t be permanently installed.