Jailbreaking your PS3 – CFW Guide

Great news! Every PS3 FAT can install CFW (Most PS3 Slim models are compatible too). Installing CFW on your PS3 is easy, and shouldn’t take much time to get it working. There’s also an option to jailbreak your console without CFW, but you will be limited with all of the features the CFW provides.

What you’ll need
Usage and Instructions
  1. Download the PS3 CFW above (If you haven’t already)
  2. Format your USB Drive to FAT32, then place the “PS3” folder inside the newly downloaded .zip folder onto your formatted USB Drive
  3. Turn on your PS3 system and plug your USB drive on PS3 second port (which is close to blu-ray drive)
  4. Go to Settings > System software update, then Choose update via Storage Media
  5. Once installed, you will now have CFW installed
    • Look through your Games sections, and you should see the new applications installed

Congrats! You have now installed CFW on your PS3. You can play backup games, install Linux, run homebrew applications, downloading and installing cheats/mods etc.