FreeDVDBoot – PS2 Slim

FreeDVDBoot is a PlayStation 2 DVD Player Exploit created by CTurt. This exploit allows you to burn your own PlayStation 2 homebrew discs and play them on an unmodified console. Every PS2 Slim model is compatible (PS2 TV is also compatible), and possible with some PS2 FAT models (depending on its DVD Player version)

What you’ll need
  • PS2 Slim/PS2 TV (Bravia TV)
  • A blank DVD (Not a CD)
    • DVD-R is recommended
  • A computer with a built-in disc burner or an external USB disc burner
  • USB Drive (512MB+)
Usage and Installation
  1. Download this .iso file
  2. Insert your DVD, then right click on your .iso file. Click “burn disc image”
  3. Once finished, turn on your PS2
    • Ensure your PS2 is set to English
      • To do this, boot without a disc inserted, press Circle to enter System Configuration and set your system language to English
  4. Insert your DVD and wait. It should boot into uLaunchELF
    • You can run homebrew applications, or you can run the FMCB Installer to install FMCB on a Memory Card.

Congrats! Your PS2 has been jailbroken. Now you can run homebrew applications, emulate games, play backups of PS2 games etc. This method might work on some PS2 FAT models, but I would suggest using this method.