FreeMcBoot – PS2 FAT

FreeMcBoot is an exploit that modifies your PS2 Memory Card. Once you have this exploit installed on your memory card, you can start installing homebrew programs, emulate games, play backups of PS2 games etc. This exploit works on all PS2 FAT models, and some Slim models.

What you’ll need
  • USB Device (512MB+)
  • Computer
  • Preinstalled FMCB Memory Card
    • You will need to buy “FMCB PS2 Memory Card (It doesn’t matter what size the Memory Card is)
    • The Memory Card should come with the required software preinstalled
  • If you have the FMCB Memory Card, plug it into the PS2 and turn it on
  • Using your USB Drive, you can download homebrew apps and run them using uLaunchELF (Which should already be preinstalled)
  • You can also install FMCB on multiple Memory Cards (If you already own one)

Congrats! Your PS2 has been jailbroken, and it was just that easy! It’s possible to make your own FMCB Memory Card, but this will require tampering with your PS2’s HDD and purchasing Network Adaptors etc.