PS Vita Jailbreak – h-encore

Great news! Every PS Vita model (including the latest firmware) can be jailbroken using this method. It’s recommended to update to the latest firmware before attempting this exploit.

What you’ll need
Usage and Instructions
  1. Extract the finalhe .zip folder on your computer, then copy the contents of VitaDeploy-FHE .zip inside the finalhe folder.
  2. Launch finalhe on your computer, then launch Content Manager on your PS Vita.
    • Plug in your USB cable into your PS Vita and PC
  3. Tap Copy Content, then tap PC.
    • Select the method you wish to use to connect to finalhe, then select or register your computer if prompted
  4. Select “Trim h-encore to ~7MB“, Click on the small arrow on the right-hand side of the finalhe window and tick the “VitaDeploy” box
    • Click Lets GO!
  5. Tap PC > PS Vita System > Applications > PS Vita. Select h-encore (or h-encore²), then VitaDeploy
    • Tap Copy, then OK. Close the finalhe software and Content Manager
Opening h-encore
  1. Launch the h-encore(²) application while holding down the R button
    • If prompted about trophies, select “Yes” while continuing to hold down the (R) button
  2. Press X to exit the application
Configuring HENkaku
  1. Launch the Settings application
  2. Navigate to HENkaku Settings
    • If HENkaku Settings is missing, select the “Reset taiHEN config.txt” in the h-encore bootstrap menu, then try again
  3. Check “Enable Unsafe Homebrew“, then return to HENkaku Settings menu
  4. Close the Settings application
Downgrade to 3.65 (Optional for permanent CFW)
  • Click here for the downgrade guide
  • If you are already on firmware 3.65, you can skip the downgrade process and install Ensō
Installing Ensō (Optional for permanent CFW)
  1. Open the VitaDeploy application, then press “Install a different OS”
  2. Tap “Quick 3.65 Install”
    • You must be connected to the internet to use this
  3. Wait for everything to download, then press X to confirm.
  4. Read the notice given on the screen and wait 20 seconds
    • Press X again to confirm

Congrats! You have jailbroken your PS Vita and installed CFW. Now you can install custom themes, emulate games, edit save data, play PSP games, dump PS Vita games etc.