Persistent PS4 Jailbreak incoming?

The developer Control_eXecute hinted in a previous tweet that “persistence” is coming to the PS4, and “fun stuff incoming :)”. It’s unclear if the “persistence” is related to the PS4 kernel exploit and what firmwares would vulnerable, but by the sounds of their tweet, this may be a big step into the PS4 Jailbreak scene. If the persistence is related to the PS4 kernel exploit, it would allow us to run a payload once and being able to restart the PS4 without injecting the payload again. The tweet has been deleted now, because they don’t want this hyped too much.

It’s possible that the “persistence” being mentioned is referring to the heap overflow in the system library, which firmwares 6.72 and below are vulnerable. If the heap layout isn’t correct or requires more debugging to find out, this could lead to nothing for the average PS4 user.

All we can do now is wait and hope for more information to arise. I’ll be sure to update everyone once information has been released.


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