str2hax Exploit

str2hax (created by Fullmetal5, with parts from Savezelda) is an exploit for the EULA app in the Wii that doesn’t require an SD card. It requires nothing but an internet connection, and changing your DNS settings on your Nintendo Wii.

What you’ll need
  • Nintendo Wii with an internet connection
Usage and Instructions
  1. Turn on your console and go to Wii Options (Bottom left of the screen)
  2. Go to Wii Settings, then navigate to “Internet” (On Page 2)
  3. Go to Connection Settings, then select your current network (connect to your internet if you haven’t done it yet.)
  4. Go to Change Settings
  5. Go to Auto-Obtain DNS (Not the IP Address), then select No, then Advanced Settings.
  6. Type in the following
    • Primary DNS:
    • Secondary DNS:
  7. Select Confirm, then press Save
  8. Select OK to perform a connection test.
  • If the connection test was successful, select No to skip the Wii System Update.
  • If the connection test was unsuccessful, you will need to try another exploit
Triggering the Exploit
  1. Go to the Internet section, then User Agreements or Agreements/Contact, then press Yes.
  2. If you see a pony on screen telling you to wait then you have done everything correctly. Do not press I ACCEPT or I DO NOT ACCEPT. The exploit takes about 1-2 minutes, if it takes longer than 2 minutes then it probably failed. (Just turn off your Nintendo Wii, then retry Step 1 of “Triggering the Exploit”).

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