BlueBomb Exploit

BlueBomb (created by Fullmetal5) is an exploit that takes advantage of a flaw in the Wii and Wii Mini’s Bluetooth libraries. The main benefit of this exploit is that it can be used on the Wii Mini, which lacks functionality used by other exploits. It can also be used to recover from Banner bricks. I would not recommend running this exploit unless you have a Wii Mini or your system is bricked.

What you’ll need
  • A Linux machine
    • If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can use that instead as it most likely has Linux installed already.
    • Windows Subsystem for Linux will not work as it does not have direct access to the Bluetooth adapter or USB ports.
    • If you do not have Linux, Ubuntu is the most user-friendly option and can be ran on computers running Windows or Mac.32-bit devices will require Ubuntu 16.04.
    • For 64-bit devices it is recommended to use the LTS edition due to its stability, but the latest release works as well.
  • A Bluetooth adapter.
    • An internal Bluetooth adapter will work.
    • If you do not have one, make sure to get one compatible with Linux.
  • A USB flash drive formatted as FAT32.
    • This cannot be the same flash drive used for your Linux Machine.
Usage and Instructions
  1. Download the HackMii installer from the BootMii website.
    • If your attempting to fix a brick, you should also copy the homebrew app you wish to use to /apps/
  2. Extract the folder and place the “boot.elf” file on your USB Drive
  3. Connect the flash drive to the console.
    • For a Wii mini, the USB port is on the back.
    • For a normal Wii, use the bottom port. (or the right port if it’s upright)
  4. Turn on your console and navigate to the settings menu. On the top right corner, you should see a 4-character code like the one in the picture below. This code is your Wii Menu version, take note of this as you will need it later. Afterwards, turn your console off. (If you’re trying to use BlueBomb to recover from a brick, you can assume your Wii Menu version is 4.3.)
  5. Start your Linux distro, and ensure you are connected to the internet. Open the Terminal and input the following command:
chmod +x
  1. The helper will then download the required files, and ask for information about your console.
    1. If you have selected a Wii mini you will be asked to provide your region. This can be determined by the last letter of the Wii Menu version (U for USA and E for PAL models).
    2. If you have selected a Wii you will be asked to provide your Wii Menu Version (What you determined in step 4)
  2. Turn on your console and do not connect any Wii Remotes.
  3. Press the Sync button repeatedly until the terminal shows got connection handle. This could take numerous attempts, so don’t give up!

The console should now boot to the HackMii installer. Your Linux PC will not be required now.

If your using a Wii, click here to continue to Homebrew Channel and BootMii Installation

If your using a Wii Mini, click here to continue to Homebrew Channel Installation