Modding your Nintendo Wii

Please choose your exploit you would like to use. All exploits work on every Nintendo Wii system, and each exploit is sorted by easiest to hardest difficulty. (Do not use those methods on the Wii U to mod vWii, instead follow this guide)

  • str2hax – Exploit that uses the Wii EULA
    • Requires an Internet connection and changing the DNS server
  • LetterBomb – Exploit that uses the Wii Message Board
    • Requires an SD card
  • FlashHax – Exploit that uses the Internet Channel
    • Requires the Internet Channel installed, and an Internet connection
  • BlueBomb – Exploit that uses Bluetooth
    • Requires a computer with Bluetooth and GNU/Linux, as well as a USB storage device
    • This is the only exploit that works on the Wii mini