fusee-gelee Guide – RCM Method

The RCM method affects all Nintendo Switch’s released before April 2018, when a hardware exploit was discovered. This vulnerability cannot be patched with system updates, forcing Nintendo to make revisions to all of their consoles. If you’re lucky enough to have an unpatched console, you can hack your Nintendo Switch easily.

What you’ll need
  • Unpatched Nintendo Switch
  • USB-A to USB-C transfer cable
  • Micro SD Card (64GB+ recommended)
  • RCM jig (You can buy this fairly cheap)
  • TegraRcmGUI
Boot into RCM
  1. Power off the Switch and slide the RCM jig down on the right joycon rail (On the console)
  2. Hold Volume Up and press the Power button.
    • If the Nintendo Logo shows up, you will need to repeat the steps. (It will be successful when nothing shows up on screen)
Setting up SD Card
  1. Download the latest Atmosphere + fusee.bin, sigpatches and Hekate
  2. Format the SD card to FAT32, then copy the newly downloaded files onto the formatted SD card.
Send a Payload
  1. Download and launch TegraRcmGUI
    • Navigate to the Settings tab, then press Install Driver and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Connect your Nintendo Switch to your PC with the USB cable
  3. In the Payload tab, locate the fusee.bin file and click Inject Payload
  4. If your Nintendo Switch screen shows this image, you’ve successfully ran CFW on your console
Accessing the Homebrew menu
  1. Open the Albums, and you will be sent to the Homebrew menu
    • Hold R while pressing Albums to boot into Albums normally
  2. You can also boot into Homebrew by launching any game/application and holding R

Congrats! You’ve successfully ran CFW on your Nintendo Switch. You can now download homebrew apps, install Nintendo Switch games, run emulators, run Linux etc. Do Not connect to the internet while using CFW, or you WILL get banned. Click here to block Nintendo’s servers on your console.