Modding your Nintendo Switch

Every Nintendo Switch can be hacked, but only certain models can be softmodded. The Nintendo Switch models that can’t be softmodded will need a modchip. The SX Core is the most popular modchip for the Switch, but you could buy clones of the modchip and achieve the same results.


Click here to see if your Nintendo Switch is compatible with the softmod exploit. You will need to identify your serial number which is located below the Nintendo Switch tablet. (This can also be viewed in Settings > System) Any Nintendo Switch released after April 2018 may be patched (The Switch Lite, V2 and OLED model will not be compatible)

If your Nintendo Switch is unpatched, click this guide. If your console is possibly patched, you can still follow the guide is see if the softmod exploit works.

Modchip (Hardmod)

This method will require you to purchase a Nintendo Switch Modchip (For your specific Switch model), and soldering. The process can be difficult and there’s a high chance you will damage something if your not experienced with soldering. I would highly recommend purchasing an unpatched Nintendo Switch, so you can softmod the console.

Download the PDF for an installation guide

Modding the OLED model is possible, but you will need to purchase a clone modchip. You should follow the documentation they supply you to install it correctly.