Installing boot9strap (PicHaxx)

This method is a continuation on the previous seedminer exploit, by using your movable.sed file to write a custom save file for Pokémon Picross, which can then be used with universal-otherapp to run SafeB9SInstaller.

What you’ll need
  • Your movable.sed file from completing Seedminer
  • The latest release of SafeB9SInstaller
  • The latest release of boot9strap
  • The latest release of Luma3DS
  • The latest release of universal-otherapp
  • SD Card
  • The game “Pokémon Picross” (free on eShop) installed on your device
    • Scan this on your 3DS for a direct link to the eShop page. Ensure your SD Card is inserted in your device to install Pokémon Picross
  1. Insert your SD Card into your 3DS
  2. Visit the eShop on your 3DS and search for Pokemon Picross (Or scan the QR code above). Download the game.
  3. Power off your 3DS and insert the SD Card into your Computer
  4. Copy those files to the root of your SD Card
    • The otherapp.bin file
    • The boot.firm and boot.3dsx from the Luma3DS .zip
    • The SafeB9SInstaller.bin file from the SafeB9SInstaller .zip
  5. Create a folder named boot9strap on the root of your SD cardCopy boot9strap.firm and boot9strap.firm.sha from the boot9strap .zip to the /boot9strap/ folder on your SD card
PicHaxx Setup
  1. Open the PicHaxx Injector website on your computer
  2. Select your movable.sed file, then select “Build and Download”. Wait for the process to complete
  3. Navigate to Nintendo 3DS > <ID0> > <ID1> > title > 00040000 > 0017c100 > data on your SD card
    • The <ID0> will be the same one that you used in Seedminer
    • The <ID1> is a 32 character long folder inside of the <ID0>
  4. Copy the newly downloaded 00000001.sav file to the data folder on your SD card
    • Overwrite the old save file when prompted
  5. Reinsert your SD card into your 3DS, and launch “Pokemon Picross”
  6. If the exploit was successful, your device will have booted into SafeB9SInstaller
Installing boot9strap
  1. Wait for all checks to complete
  2. When prompted, input the key combo given on the top screen to install boot9strap
  3. Once it has completed, press (A) to reboot your device
Configuring Luma3DS
  1. Your 3DS should have rebooted into the Luma3DS configuration menu
  2. Use the (A) button and the D-Pad to turn on the following:
    • “Show NAND or user string in System Settings”
  3. Press (Start) to save and reboot
    • If you get an error, just continue the next page
Booting Luma3DS
  1. Launch the Download Play application , then wait until you see the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS buttons
  2. Press (Left Shoulder) + (D-Pad Down) + (Select) at the same time to open the Rosalina menu
  3. Select “Miscellaneous options”, then select “Switch the hb. title to the current app.
  4. Press (B) to continue, then press (B) twice until you exit the Rosalina menu
  5. Press (Home), then close Download Play
  6. Launch the Download Play application again
    • It should now boot into the Homebrew Launcher

Congrats! You have successfully modded your 3DS system. You can now download Homebrew apps, install emulators/ROMs, play downloaded games etc.