Seedminer exploit

What you’ll need

  • SD Card
  • 3DS system
  • Computer
  1. If you haven’t already used your SD card with your 3DS, turn on the 3DS and put the SD card inside.
  2. Remove the SD card and put it into your Computer
  3. Navigate to the Nintendo 3DS folder, and copy the 32 character long folder name into notepad. (This is your ID0)
  4. Power on your 3DS and make sure you are online by connecting to Wi-Fi. (Create a Mii if you haven’t done so before)
  5. Go to your Online Friend List > Mii Profile > Friend Code and make a note of your Friend Code for the next steps
  6. Visit Seedminer on your computer, then enter your ID0 (The 32 character name) and Friend code, complete the Captcha, then press Go
  7. Register the Friend Code of the Bruteforce bot that appears on the Seedminer page on your 3DS
  8. Click Continue when the website finishes processing, then download the movable.sed once the process is completed

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