ARK-4 e/CFW for the PSP and PS Vita

ARK-4, A custom firmware that’s compatible with both the PSP and PS Vita. This project had been out of commision for some time, but has recently received an update. So, what’s new, you might ask?

ARK-4 9.7 Rev 2 now has PSP Go support and Infinity Support which is fantastic if you have a PSP Go lying around, or using the persistent custom firmware tool Infinity . There’s also a possibility to replace XMB with a custom launcher, which could spice up the standard PSP/PS Vita menus. The plugins now work “per game” instead of “all games”. We could never forget the ton of bug fixes and quality of life improvements this project has received.

Blue Theme PKG – Acid_Snake

Installing CFW on your PSP or PS Vita is a great idea, because there is an awesome community, tons of hard-working developers, lots of homebrew applications, and even emulation.

The Features of ARK-4 e/CFW
  • Core system for unsigned code execution on every PSP device based on 6.60 kernel.
  • Inferno driver for ISO, CSO and ZSO games.
  • Popcorn controller for PSX games.
  • Stargate No-DRM engine.
  • Plugin support for PSP games, PSX games and VSH (XMB), including per-game plugins.
  • Compatible with all PSP models on firmwares 6.60 and 6.61.
  • Compatible with all PS Vita models on firmware 2.10 and up.
  • Minimalistic: only 5 files installed on PSP flash, CFW extensions are installed on memory stick.
Download and Install

You can download the latest release of ARK-4 here, and an installation guide here


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